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R Guide

  • Permits freedom of design: Unlike rotary and cross-roller bearings, the R-Guide allows the same number of modes of motion as do LM blocks. Simply place LM blocks at the loading points to achieve the most efficient structural design.
  • Short assembly time: The R-Guide enables high-precision motion with no clearance, which is impossible in circular motion performed using a slide guide or a cam follower. Assembly involves only bolting LM blocks to LM rails. It’s that simple.
  • Simple construction: Type HCR construction is basically the same as that of the LM Guide. The low-profile design achieved by minimizing the height of the R-Guide allows it to bear loads in all directions.
  • Circular but inexpensive: The greater the diameter, the more cost-effective it gets. Circular motion of 5m or greater, which is impossible with swiveling bearings, can easily be achieved using type HCR, making it easy to assemble, dismantle, and reassemble large equipment.
  • For more information see THK General Catalogue No. 300E.

Straight-Curved Rail

  • A multi guide combining the advantages of the HSR LM Guide and the HCR curved LM Guide
  • Enables new construction solutions in which guide blocks can execute both linear and circular movements
  • Virtually limitless design possibilities
  • The HMG is available in 5 different sizes (HMG15 to HMG65)
  • Ensures a cost reduction through a simplified mechanism