THK - Prowadnice liniowe z łańcuchem rolkowym

Caged Roller LM Guide

  • Prevents roller skewing
  • Long term, maintenance free operation
  • Ultra-high rigidity with global standard dimensions ensuring compatibility
  • Now available in size 15 (rail width 15mm) Details are available here To Download

Wide Caged Roller Guide

  • High rigidity due to the rails being 1.5 times the width of standard rails. Ideal fo upright and wall-mounted use.
  • Low maintenance, long service life. The caged rollers mean that the SRW roller guides are maintenance free for long periods and have a long service life.
  • Excellent sliding properties as the roller cage ensures evenly spaced rollers resulting in a smooth and stable sliding motion.
  • A wide range of options are available, incl. QZ, LaCS, metal scrapers, plate covers and a range of seals for use in severe environments.
  • Available in sizes 70-100mm in height.